Terms & Conditions


The Terms & conditions listed below must be accepted in return for receiving product information, prices, services and any other information about our company.

Terms & Conditions

No liability is accepted for third party websites linked to or from or accessible through Banner Planet nor do we approve or endorse the contents of any such sites. The entire contents of Banner Planet are copyright with all rights reserved and remain our property under all circumstances. In the event of a dispute arising from the use or contents of Banner Planet we Banner Planet and you the user, agree to accept the jurisdiction of the courts of England and Wales . Information supplied in our web pages has been prepared with great care and is accurate to the best of our knowledge, this information being honest, of decent nature and legal from the date of creation. You agree that information or material accessed or downloaded through our web pages for personal or private use is done so entirely at your own risk and that you accept full responsibility for any damage to hardware or software or data loss even if we are aware of the possibilities of such damage. Information supplied on our web pages is for guidance only and does not in any part form a contract and may be subject to change without notice. Great effort is made to ensure we provide accurate and current information on our web pages. We are not liable for any incidental, consequential, cumulative, direct or indirect loses or damages from the use or misuse or inability to use, including omissions and misrepresentations and any errors on our web pages. You may download or print selections of our web site if the purpose is only used for your personal information and not for reproduction. Except where stated. The text, graphics and information of the web site are the copyright of Banner Planet. Copying and storage of this web site or any contents of it for permanent use or incorporation and reproduction whether for new media, digital or hardcopy use is strictly prohibited. We do not accept property damage liability caused by the incorrect use or incorrect fitting of our products. If our products are used for any other purpose other than stated on our website it is at your own risk. We reserve the right to use images of goods manufactured by Banner Planet for advertising and promotional information. We also reserve the right to advertise our company branding if you do not agree to this you MUST make us aware at point of order in writing. 



Images supplied to us for re-production must be owned by you, the customer. In the event of a dispute arising due to ownership of any image or detail, hard copy or digital if provided by you, then you will be entirely liable. This is applicable to all images, artwork, text and details sent to us by post, email, fax, uploaded, emailed, inserted into our design online or delivered by hand. If you are not the owner, creator or originator of the file(s) or detail provided, it is your responsibility to obtain the legal rights for the re-production by Banner Planet for the purpose of use. By uploading files, you are taking full responsibility regarding ownership and usage. By uploading artwork you are confirming you are the intellectual owner or you have permission or the file is permitted to be reproduced in the form of your request. You take full responsibility for the files you upload and Banner Planet will not be responsible for any claims with regard to infringement.


All prices are exclusive of VAT. VAT is added based on the final value of your order in the check-out process, at the rate applicable to your country. The Buyer shall be responsible for any other taxes applicable in the territory to which the Goods are sent. Payment must be made by credit card or debit card or by PayPal at the time of placing an Order which is accepted by the Seller. Payment in full will be taken at this time and the Contract will be in force. The Buyer undertakes that all details provided to the Seller for the purpose of the Order and its delivery will be correct and that the chosen method of payment is the property of the Seller and that sufficient funds or credit facilities are available to cover the full cost of the Goods ordered. The Seller reserves the right to obtain validation of the Seller’s credit card, debit card or PayPal details before accepting the Buyer’s Order.

Privacy Statement of Intent

The purpose of this privacy statement is to provide you, the user, with details of how Banner Planet will collect, store and use the personal data you supply to us. Personal data is information which relates to identifiable living individuals. This Privacy Policy is expressly incorporated into the Terms and Conditions of Use of this web site. It is the stated policy of Banner Planet that we will act in accordance with current legislation and aims to meet current best practice with regard to the processing of personal data. Collection of Customer Data In using this site, you may provide certain personal data to Banner Planet and certain data about you may be collected by 'cookies'. Cookies are temporary Internet files which are used by websites to enhance the use of site features, and to allow us to build up a more detailed profile of number of visits/ visitors. In agreeing to be bound by the Terms and Conditions of the web site (of which this Privacy Policy forms part), you agree that Banner Planet can compile and process this personal data in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

Use of Personal Data

Banner Planet shall only use your data for the purposes for which it is provided or for purposes to which you have consented. We will also hold your data to assist in future orders / requirements we may send you details of selected products and services that we think you will find valuable. We will not pass your details to any third parties involved in signage or any other products.

Storage and Correction of Personal Data

Banner Planet will retain the personal data we hold unless and until you send Banner Planet notice that you no longer wish us to retain this data. Banner Planet is obliged to supply you, on request, with a copy of the personal data it holds about you, (a small administration fee will apply). If you wish to exercise this right, please contact Banner Planet using our normal contact. Should you discover any inaccuracies in such personal information, please notify Banner Planet as soon as possible at the same address. We will then correct our records.

Returns Policy

For any items custom made, custom printed or non resalable we are unable to offer refunds in full. In the event of a problem with the goods we will endeavour to solve the problem by the most efficient solution to both parties. Transportation costs cannot be refunded. If no agreement of a satisfactory solution can be reached we will offer a refund of 50% of the sale value, this will be credited when the goods reach our works.

Damaged Goods

Should you receive any parcel from us that contains damaged goods this must be reported to us within 7 working days so we can arrange replacements. Please ensure the goods are signed for as 'Damaged'. If any damaged goods have been used they are then considered as acceptable by you and will not be considered for replacement or repair.


Banner Planet is in no way responsible for any delays in shipping including local delivery errors. We will make every effort to rectify the situation where feasible. Banner Planet is not responsible for 3rd party shipping errors or damaged shipments.