What specification are the PVC Banners?

Your banner will be printed using a modern wide format digital printing machine. We use the highest quality 440gram PVC material which will give you a substantial outdoor life, assuming you fix the banner correctly. Please see fixing instructions for further info. At Banner Planet we use solvent based inks, this gives you the highest adhesion possible and the best UV outdoor life stability.

Along the top and bottom edges of the banner we turn a 50mm hem which we then automatically punch our plastic eyelets through. The end product is a robust, high quality PVC banner.


How do I fix my Banner effectively?

When fixing your banner, you will be supplied with cable ties, also know as zip ties. You are able to use any other fixing method you choose, but here at Banner Planet, we don’t like to charge you extra for fixing your banner so give you cable ties FREE! Whatever way you choose to attach your banner, please make sure it is taught, not like a drum skin, but tight enough that it wont flap about in any winds. If your banner is fixed well to a wall or anywhere where there isn’t wind hitting the front and back of the banner, you banner will last a long time, however, if the banner is not and wind hits the back directly, it wont last very long. With this in mind, don’t use it like a sail!!


What specification is the Pull Up Banner?

This economically priced pull up has all the features of the more expensive models; twin twist feet, 850mm wide by 2000mm graphic area, padded bag with carry handle and fully retractable graphic. The graphic is printed using the most up to date latex print machines , environmentally friendly and very high quality. The 220 micron film we print onto doesn’t need laminating, this saves you money but gives you the same high quality durable, lightly textured finish. The Galaxy Pull Up is the ideal pull up for everyone.


What resolution should my artwork be?

The preset profile assumes that the artwork is scaled to 100%. If you are working at a smaller scale eg 25% please adjust the resolution settings within the profile to accommodate this, otherwise, any scan resolutions or transparency effects may be too small once the artwork is scaled up to 100%. Our machines need no more than 300-600 dpi. The pull ups use a higher resolution machine so your prints will benefit form being at the higher end of this range.


Should I supply artwork in RGB or CMYK?

We output using ‘CMYK’ machines using the ‘ISO Coated v2 (ECI)’ output profile.

Any ‘RGB’ or ‘spot’ colours will be converted honouring ‘Input Profiles’ where possible. With this in mind, colours will be more accurate supplied as CMYK.


Do I need to add Bleed?

Please utilise the ‘page box options’ in the ‘Adobe Creative Suite’ (Media,Crop,Trim,Bleed,Art). ‘Super wide’ format print needs a minimum of 10mm bleed.


What is Bleed?

This is the extra image outside the printed visual area.


What if I do not follow the correct artwork guidelines?

Failure to adhere to these guidelines could delay or possibly prevent production and incur additional cost. It is the responsibility of the customer to check ‘copyrights’ of artwork.


I cant see the PDF for approval what do I do?

Some browsers do not support the PDF function, in this case, please click the email PDF approval. Once you received the email, please re visit Banner Planet, enter your account and approve. Your banner will not be printed until we have your approval.


Where is Banner Planet based?

Banner Planet

Carrwood House

Carrbottom Road




Can I watch my Banner being printed?

No, sadly not. Banner Planet prints for some large companies who want to stay anonymous.


Why are Banner Planet’s banner cheaper than other banners?

We print huge volumes of banners for some of the largest companies in the UK, we just pass on this buying power advantage onto you, the consumer.